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The harm caused by static electricity
Thursday 30th November 2017

If you are in the dry climate in winter or at work, often wearing a wool type sportswear, winter clothes, sometimes when you touch the door handle or other metal objects, it may occur in short, stinging discharge, this phenomenon is called static release.

Under normal circumstances, the human body can be saving more than 20000V of the electrostatic voltage when the user to the electronic flow to provide a conductive path, out of the body in charge will be accumulated in the body, from the user to the metal object nearest to flow the shortness of tingling discharge, although this irritating, but generally there is no harm to the body.

However, engaged in professional and technical personnel in all aspects of electronic. The problem may not generally. The electronic aspects of personnel in the treatment or replacement of the circuit board, integrated circuit, frequent contact of various components, and semiconductor device for electrostatic stimulation from extremely sensitive Feeling, just in the line between the components of the damage.

The electrostatic mainly comes from the following aspects: one is the room floor, easy to produce static electricity accumulation. Two is the staff room wearing wool clothing, is a hotbed for electrostatic, while wearing rubber, insulation shoes can not let go.

In addition electrostatic electrostatic generation also related to climate. For example: the dry climate in winter, low temperatures, air can accumulate a large amount of charge, therefore, electrostatic and release in winter is more obvious. In the summer, in the static release before most of the air can let go of cumulative charge. For no matter how static release exists to a certain extent, at the same time static electricity is inevitable.

The main harm is the destruction of ESD sensitivity of electronic components. For some transistors, several hundred volts electrostatic release can completely discard the, this is not sensational Hear, for static release the most sensitive element is a metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) integrated circuit based.Pc gate array CMOS chip can withstand stamping electrostatic voltage of 200V, DRAM, EPROM chip 300V, TTL chip for 1000V. thus, if not pay attention to risk control of static electricity, the user is likely to be in the room equipment integration the circuit damage expensive, and never know.

The electrostatic hazard due to PC and as long as the following phenomena: disk read and write failure, printer confusion, chip breakdown or motherboard burned out and so on. Thus anti-static flooring plays a vital role in our daily life.

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