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The characteristics of the overhead floor have the following points
Monday 04th December 2017

In the computer room such as electrostatic larger places, usually installed overhead floor overhead floor can prevent the electrostatic effect, which is why, the structural characteristics of natural and overhead activities are inseparable, raised floor structure with what kind of features?

Let's give us the Jiangsu Fang Sheng machine room equipment Co., Ltd. to give an example of the structural features of the overhead floor in the computer room for you to tell.

1, the overhead movable floor structure for signal wire laying equipment, power line and ground machine system provides a suitable space.

2, computer equipment through the overhead floor free electrical link, because raised floor with disassembly, so the electrical wire laying, maintenance and replacement are very convenient all connections are entering the equipment from the overhead floor, the connectivity between devices can be directly connected, the shortest distance, thus reducing signal loss during transmission.

3, computer equipment through the overhead floor space as a static wind storage air conditioner, which provides convenience for the equipment and room air-conditioning. Get satisfactory. Because the airflow distribution of air flow with the floor has the characteristics of interchangeable floor and common activities, so the room can be freely adjusted. Both air distribution set The location of the preparation can get air conditioned by the air outlet on the floor.

4, because the overhead movable floor has such characteristics in structure, so it is suitable for use in the computer rooms and other places, so as to achieve good antistatic effect.

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